If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

“I have two children seeing the orthodontist and both of the kids actually think the place and staff are great! My daughter is inspired to go to dental school and then on toward becoming an orthodontist because of the great experience there. Friendly, clean, organized, runs on time, professional. Their time in braces and retainer didn't seem too long or too painful. The only complaint was the typical slight soreness the day after tightening braces. The office is bright and cheery too!” – Matthew, Annapolis, MD

“The email reminders are especially helpful. Everyone was out of the way nice. I would highly recommend your office. It is the cleanest office in Annapolis. I like the amount of sun you have. It is inviting.” – Nicholas G., Annapolis, MD

“I love you guys. I'm really happy with the correction to my teeth. Thanks for the good work. And your staff greeted me by name, wow! Thanks to all, a good team.” – Chris M., Annapolis, MD

“As a new patient, your office staff and Dr. Philbin were extremely warm and welcoming! The new patient coordinator, Brenda, was extremely knowledgeable, soft spoken, kind, and very informative.” – Karl M., Annapolis, MD

“I wanted to thank Drs. Phil and Ora and their team for my big smile. More than 50 years ago, I learned to talk with my lips covering most of my crooked teeth. I did not smile and learned to turn my head in a different direction to keep people from seeing my teeth. On June 10, 2010, all that changed. The braces came off and my teeth were straight—popcorn and taffy, finally! Now I have a big smile and all the women love my looks, including my wife.” – Mark M., Annapolis, MD

“Two of my daughters, Winters and Montana, have been and will continue to be under Phil's (and now Ora's) care for many years. Though my own orthodontist in Manhattan is now retired, Phil and Ora did a nice job of fitting me for new retainers. They replaced the ones I've worn for about 25 years. Guess they are museum pieces now! We've never had any complaints or problems. The staff did not laugh too hard when Winters had to get her retainer replaced; the dog really did chew it. We joke that the dog's teeth looked a little straighter with the retainer in her mouth! Winters is grown and married, but still gets good service when she returns and needs a new retainer, a case, or a checkup. Montana's braces just came off this week. We were surprised that her new retainers were ready to go about 90 minutes later. Thanks to a special price deal, we were able to get her a second set. Considering my own history with my first two sets of retainers and Winters' doggy disaster, having a spare set is not a bad idea. Speaking of the staff, they are all lovely, pleasant, cheerful, and courteous. I miss Mrs. Shipley as she seemed to be a permanent fixture. We hope she is enjoying her retirement. Actually, I do have a complaint. When Phil was in that Kent Island Fire Department calendar, no one offered me a copy!!!! Or even a peek!” – Wendy W., Annapolis, MD

“Three of our five family members have enjoyed the benefits of working with Drs. Philbin and Reinheimer and a fourth is about to get started. We have been thrilled with the aesthetic results. Through the process, the staff has always been incredibly accommodating and friendly. The new offices in Annapolis are beautiful and state of the art. My daughter was the very first person to sit in one of the chairs on opening day. We have referred a number of our friends to the practice, as we truly believe that the service and results are deserving of our trust and praise. Many thanks…You've made a beautiful impression on our family.” – Kristin Z.; Annapolis, MD

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Philbin and his entire staff. He has seen all four of our children through the process of braces, and every visit I've been welcomed enthusiastically by the front desk staff and all the technicians. It's a fantastic place to take your children for braces and oral care. Dr. Philbin and Dr. Reinheimer are knowledgeable, thorough with each exam and always pleasant and a joy to work with. Every one of our children has beautiful smiles, and I can thank Dr. Philbin and his entire staff for making this happen times four! I would recommend their practice to anyone looking for an orthodontist. They are above and beyond professional and caring toward patients and parents. Thank you.” – Lindsay, Annapolis, MD

“Thanks so much for giving me a ‘Great New Smile!’ The whole process took a while but it was worth it in the end. Dr. Philbin, I tried your patience with my 1,000 odd queries, but thanks for answering each one of them so calmly! Ora, you are the best! Both Shweta (my daughter) and I love to listen to your melodious soft voice, and your gentle touch really helps! Thanks a ton! AND WHAT A TEAM YOU GUYS HAVE THERE! THE BEST! Thanks to Brenda, Lisa, April, and Denise for juggling with the appointments many, many times! Lisa, I love your pleasant happy smile! Keep your sunny face on always! Arika, Lindsey, Desiree, Clare, and Jen: I'm sure all of you have dealt with my teeth, and you all have been so patient with my whining! Thanks girls! Love you all!” – Seetha, Annapolis, MD

“I would love to let everyone know the wonderful experience I had in your office. From the moment I walked in for my first consultation, I was treated with the greatest kindness and expertise—I just knew this was the place for me. I became ill halfway through my dental treatments and you took the time to write me notes, and you were so patient with me. You allowed me extra time to go through my chemo and then come back to finish with my teeth. You also worked out a very affordable payment plan for me. The best news of all is that my teeth are beautiful now, and I receive so many compliments on them, I tell people that they were worked on by you. I couldn't imagine going to anyone else! Soon, if you are willing, my little girl will be visiting you for her first consultation. I know she will be in good hands.” – Cindy B., Annapolis, MD

“I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did with my teeth. At my age and business position, I was concerned about starting on braces to re-correct work that had been done when I was a teenager. Happily, I was a good candidate for the Invisalign® system. I was amazed at how easily the system worked. The process was relatively simple, and the invisible aspect of the treatment was a big plus. In a very short time, I could see immediate results and, after about 18 months, I have straight teeth. I am extremely happy with the results. I have recommended the process to several friends already. While the process was great, I think the more significant aspect of my treatment was you and your staff. I can honestly say that I looked forward to seeing Drs. Philbin and Reinheimer. Over the short period of time, we developed a friendship and shared many happy conversations together. I must admit it is rare today to walk into any business, medical or otherwise, and immediately be greeted and welcomed with such warmth and friendship. You have an absolutely wonderful and accommodating group working with you. During my treatment, my travel schedule was often ridiculous, but everyone worked so hard to adjust appointments and ensure I was able to stay on track with my treatment. Thank you again for all you have done for me. I appreciate all your work and dedication, and I try to show off my new smile whenever I can.” – Chris C., Annapolis, MD

“Thank you…Thank you….THANK YOU for making my smile shine so bright. I can't stop smiling…it is the best! I will and do recommend your practice often, and now you have a walking billboard that talks! Thank you again…this smile means so much to me words can't describe it.” – Amanda Jane, Annapolis, MD

“We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the care our boys have received from the practice. You have made our visits there comfortable and effortless. The investment in technology is amazing and very helpful for the boys and us. The care is top notch. The moment you arrive for the appointment, you feel special; the staff takes the time to know you by name, explain the progress, ask if there is any concern and does not rush the care you receive. They truly listen to your concerns. All of this is completed in a timely manner and with a great attitude. We can tell you have made a true investment in the new location, from training the staff and the focus Dr. Philbin and Dr. Reinheimer have when evaluating the boys. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found such a fantastic practice to treat our orthodontic needs. I don't know if there is one word to describe the practice, but ‘reliable,’ ‘experts’ and ‘patience’ come to mind. Thank you for all you have done for our family.” – Stephen and Lynne R., Annapolis, MD

“I'm so glad I made the investment to go with aligners rather than metal braces. I've heard stories of people having food stuck in their metal braces, and I didn't want to go through that. It's so easy—all I have to do is remove my aligners when I eat.” – Christa, Stevensville, MD

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