Orthodontics for Children

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At Philbin & Reinheimer Orthodontics, we recommend that children visit the orthodontist. During their first visit, we will be able to properly inspect their teeth to determine if treatment is necessary. We suggest that you bring your child in for this visit around age seven. At this age, we will be able to diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems more easily, while your child still has a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth.

There are many benefits to beginning treatment early, including:

  • Correcting and guiding the growth of the jaw
  • Helping the permanent teeth come in straight
  • Creating more space for teeth to grow in
  • Correcting thumb-sucking and speech problems

It may not be easy for you to determine if your child needs orthodontic treatment, but visiting our Annapolis orthodontist can provide more insight regarding any possible conditions. Even if your child's teeth are straight, we can assess if they have a proper bite or jaw issues. Please call us at (410) 643-6636 (Stevensville) or (410) 263-5600 (Annapolis) to make an appointment.

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