How to Keep Your Invisalign Aligners in Great Condition

In order to protect your oral health and make sure your treatment with Invisalign in Annapolis goes according to plan, you have to take certain steps to keep your aligners in shape. Find out how to properly clean your aligners, and be sure to do this on a regular basis. You should also stick to your dental health regimen and remember to take your aligners out before you eat food or brush your teeth. Continue on if you’d like to find out how to keep your Invisalign aligners in great condition. invisalign - maintenance

Know When to Remove Them

Many people choose Invisalign because the aligners involved are removable. This is convenient, but it’s also important to remember to take them out when necessary. You can’t brush or floss your teeth with them in, so take them out when taking care of your dental hygiene.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Taking care of your Invisalign aligners starts with your typical dental hygiene routine. When you allow food debris and bacteria to remain on your teeth after a meal, they can move onto your aligners when you put them back in. It’s important to keep your teeth as clean as possible when undergoing Invisalign treatment. Anything that gets trapped in your aligners can be harmful to the equipment as well as your oral health as a whole.

Clean Thoroughly and Properly

Just like you should be taking care of your teeth and gums, you should also be taking care of the oral health appliances that they are exposed to. Whenever you take your Invisalign aligners out to eat or brush your teeth, take this opportunity to rinse them out. You can also soak them in a cleaning solution while you enjoy your meal or take care of your dental hygiene needs. Consider carefully brushing your aligners with an anti-bacterial soft soap to remove built-up debris and ensure that your aligners are clean and safe to put back in your mouth.

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