What Does It Mean to Have Missing Lateral Incisors?

The lateral incisors are the teeth on either side of the two front teeth in the upper jaw. They are one of the most common types of adult teeth to be missing. Typically, missing lateral incisors occur because of a congenital problem. Missing incisors often cause both a cosmetic concern and can interfere with chewing and speaking. If you or your child has missing lateral incisors, your orthodontist in Annapolis may be able to help.

One way missing lateral incisors may be treated is with dental implants. When the implant is placed, your orthodontist may recommend braces or a retainer to help hold it in position until it takes root completely. Bridges and partial dentures are other options for missing lateral incisors. Your orthodontist may work with other dental specialists to determine the best treatment option for you, and you may need to see multiple specialists as part of your care plan.

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