Signs That Damon Braces Could Be Right for You

Damon braces are self-ligating and offer patients an option beyond traditional metal braces for fast treatment and comfortable orthodontic care. Could Damon braces in Annapolis be the right choice for you? Make an appointment with your orthodontist to find out which treatments can help you get the straighter smile you want. Here are some signs that Damon braces are a good fit for you. damon - braces

You are worried about the appearance of metal braces.

Because Damon braces don’t use the traditional metal bracket, they are much less obvious to the eye than metal braces. The brackets with Damon braces are clear, so they are virtually invisible, making them a good alternative not just to metal braces but also to Invisalign. Many adult patients in particular appreciate the discreet appearance of Damon braces. If you want to get orthodontic treatment but have been postponing it because of your concern over the appearance of metal braces, talk to your orthodontist about Damon braces.

You want fewer orthodontist appointments.

If you’re worried about fitting orthodontist appointments into your schedule, then Damon braces could be the solution. Less maintenance is required with these kinds of braces, so you need fewer appointments. Another thing many patients appreciate is that Damon braces have a slide system that moves the brackets without the tightening that traditional braces require. This means less friction, less pressure, and less post-appointment soreness.

You are worried about your oral health.

One concern many people have about braces is how they will prevent oral health problems. Some people fail to brush and floss properly when they are wearing braces because they don’t use the special tools required or take the additional time. The brackets and wires give more places for bacteria to hide, and when coupled with inefficient brushing, can cause an increase in spot lesions and cavities. With Damon braces, there is less surface area on which bacteria can accumulate, so there is a lower risk of cavities.

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