When Should Your Child First Visit an Orthodontist?

Growing up with crooked, misaligned teeth can take a toll on your confidence as well as negatively impact your oral health. Braces in Annapolis can be helpful, which is why it’s best to bring your children in to see an orthodontist early on in life. While you should bring your kids to see a dentist around the time their first tooth shows up, you can wait a little bit longer before seeing an orthodontist. Feel free to keep reading to find out when your child should first visit an orthodontist.

Orthodontics were once geared specifically towards children, but treatments are becoming more accessible to people of all ages. It’s always better not to take chances when it comes to your oral health, so you’ll want to make sure your kids see an orthodontist early on. It is recommended that your kids see an orthodontist by the time they are 7 years old. At this point they will have grown in baby teeth, and the orthodontist can see how they are coming in. The sooner your orthodontist has a chance to look at your kids’ teeth, the sooner you can get started on a treatment plan and address any existing issues.

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