Understanding Underbites

Did you know that orthodontic treatment is about more than just having a more beautiful smile? Straight teeth are more attractive, and can make it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean. There are a number of orthodontic issues that braces in Annapolis can address, including underbite.

An underbite is a relatively common type of malocclusion that occurs when the lower teeth protrude farther than the upper teeth. When this happens, it can put stress on both the upper and lower teeth, and lead to chips, cracks, and wear on your enamel. A severe underbite can have complications ranging from difficulty chewing and speaking to breathing problems such as sleep apnea and chronic headaches. If your orthodontist tells you that you have an underbite, it may be corrected with one of a few options for braces. By seeking treatment for misaligned teeth, you can minimize current and future dental issues, which makes you a healthier person overall.

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