Encouraging Your Teen to Be Compliant with Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is an excellent system for straightening teeth, but because the aligners are removable, not all teens wear theirs as much as they should. If your teen is being treated with Invisalign in Annapolis, then there are a few steps that you can take to help him stay on track during the process. teen - invisalign

Give him positive support.

A person’s smile can have a significant impact on his or her feelings of confidence and willingness to be social. If your teen has crooked teeth that are visible when he smiles, then there is a good chance that he feels self-conscious about this aspect of his appearance. If your teen is struggling to remember to wear his Invisalign aligners every day, then you can assist him by offering him positive encouragement. By reminding him of the straighter smile he can achieve with this system, you can help give him the motivation that he needs to comply with his treatment.

Provide him with reminders.

In many cases, the reason that a teenager struggles to comply with his Invisalign treatment is forgetfulness. If your teen’s schedule is filled with school, activities, sports, or an after-school job, he may find it difficult to remember to wear his aligners throughout the day. To help make it easier for him to remember, consider posting a reminder on your kitchen fridge or in the bathroom. Once he develops a habit wearing his aligners consistently during the day, the process should become second nature.

Speak with your teen.

If these measures fail to get your teen to comply with his Invisalign treatment, then speaking with him about his needs could be helpful. Have a discussion about what stops him from wanting to wear the aligners, or what could help him remember to wear them. Once you know what the problems are, you can start developing effective strategies. By identifying the issues that are causing him to veer from his treatment plan, you will be closer to finding a solution that works for everybody.
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