Can Orthodontia Resolve Your TMJ Disorder Symptoms?

Do you suffer from jaw pain, clicking, discomfort, or stiffness? If so, then you may be suffering from one of several temporomandibular disorders, which are often collectively referred to as TMJ disorders. If you mention your symptoms to your orthodontist in Annapolis, you’ll learn that there are several ways to treat these symptoms. jaw - pain

Orthodontic Splints

While you may associate your orthodontist with treatments such as braces or Invisalign, there are more ways in which he can improve the health of your mouth. Orthodontic splints, for example, are made to fit over the teeth for the purpose of preventing the lower and upper teeth from fully closing against each other. Because they can prevent you from clenching your teeth, these devices can relieve some of the pressure on your jaw joints and give them a chance to rest and heal.

Night Guard

Another option that can provide relief for TMJ disorder pain is a night guard. A night guard is a plastic device that fits over the teeth, and its purpose is to prevent a patient from grinding her teeth while she sleeps. These devices can be helpful for reducing TMJ disorder symptoms in some individuals.

Other Recommendations

There is a great deal that you can do to help improve your TMJ disorder symptoms. In addition to seeing your orthodontist for treatment, you can help relieve some of your symptoms by improving your ability to manage stress and avoiding clenching your jaw. Also, throughout the day, remember to relax your face by keeping your lips together but your teeth apart. Additionally, avoid movements that open your mouth widely, and try to control how much you open your mouth when you perform extreme jaw movements such as yawning, singing, or yelling. You can also give your jaw a rest by chewing as little as possible, choosing soft foods over hard ones, and avoiding all gum chewing. Lastly, try holding ice packs against the outside of your jaw to help reduce any inflammation in the area and provide you with pain relief.

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