Understanding Invisalign Attachments

Invisalign straightens teeth and corrects bite issues using clear, plastic aligners that are changed at regular intervals to shift your teeth into the desired positions. Your orthodontist may recommend Invisalign if you want to correct your smile but are reluctant to wear metal braces. Thanks to attachments, more patients than ever before are able to choose Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist in Annapolis can help you decide if Invisalign is right for you and can advise you if attachments will be part of your care.

Invisalign attachments are tooth-colored pieces of resin that are put in strategic locations on your teeth to encourage more movement. Depending on the nature of your orthodontic issue, Invisalign aligners may not be effective at moving your teeth without attachments. Although the attachments add bumps to the aligners, they are generally not very noticeable. Most patients who are choosing Invisalign for cosmetic reasons are still happy with the appearance of their aligners even after attachments are added.

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