Blog Posts in January, 2016

The Advantages of Damon Braces

Did you know that there are benefits to having straight teeth besides a better aesthetic appearance and more self-confidence? Straight teeth are easier to clean, which can help reduce your risk of gum ...
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Reasons to Choose Philbin & Reinheimer Orthodontics

Your smile is important, and having a confident smile full of healthy, straight teeth can make a difference in your professional, personal, and social lives. If you’ve been considering ...
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Your Guide to Different Types of Braces [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile full of straight, white teeth. If you have been thinking about correcting your crooked teeth, there’s no better time to contact your orthodontist in ...
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Why Go to an Orthodontist?

Did you know that millions of Americans have been trusting orthodontists with their smiles for over a hundred years? An orthodontist in Annapolis can help you have the smile you’ve always ...
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An Overview of Invisalign for Adults

When you look in the mirror or see yourself in photographs, do you feel that your smile could use some improvements? More and more adults are fixing their crooked teeth in Annapolis, as orthodontic ...
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