Invisalign for Teenagers

Are you considering Invisalign vs. braces near Annapolis for your teen? Each teenager’s teeth are different, so it is important to review your options for Invisalign and clear braces with your orthodontist. However, because the cost of Invisalign has dropped significantly over the years, many parents are choosing Invisalign. For teens, Invisalign’s cosmetic appeal, comfortable fit, and easy care make it a top selection. Keep reading to learn more about why many teens opt for Invisalign. Teen with invisalign

Cosmetic Appeal

For teenagers worried about their social lives, the primary benefit of Invisalign is its cosmetic appeal. Coupled with a drop in Invisalign cost, these clear aligners are preferred more and more by both teens and their parents. As any teen knows, crooked teeth can make you stand out among your peers. In high school, most kids simply want to blend in. With Invisalign, almost no one will realize you are wearing braces. That means teens can confidently keep up with their friends and schoolwork without worrying about how they look.

Comfortable Fit

Teens also pick Invisalign over traditional braces because the clear, plastic aligners are much more comfortable than metal brackets. When you choose Invisalign, your orthodontist custom fits you for aligners that gently move your teeth into place over time. Most importantly, Invisalign allows teens to stay active. Kids can comfortably play sports or musical instruments without worrying about injury. While some prefer traditional braces, Invisalign may be better for athletes and musicians.

Easy Care

Finally, teenagers cite the fact that Invisalign is easier to care for than traditional orthodontics. With braces, kids are not allowed to chew gum or eat certain foods. With Invisalign, teens can simply remove aligners. That means they can eat whatever they want whenever they want. For parents, the oral hygiene benefits are superior. Teenagers only need to remove the aligners and keep brushing and flossing as they normally would. Of course, maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

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