Is AcceleDent Right for You?

AcceleDent is an orthodontic device that is used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to speed up treatment time. Depending on your orthodontist’s calculations, your treatment time may run anywhere from a year to several years. With the use of AcceleDent, however, you may be able to cut your treatment time by 38 to 50%. Let’s take a closer look at AcceleDent and if it is the right addition to your teeth straightening procedure in Annapolis.

AcceleDent is not an orthodontic appliance that can be used by its self to straighten your teeth. This device’s slow vibration—used once a day for 20 minutes—will aid in moving your teeth to their new and proper locations. It can only be used in conjunction with the Invisalign system or regular braces. You must consult with your orthodontist to determine if you are the right candidate to use AcceleDent alongside your orthodontic treatment.

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