Choosing Foods When You Have Braces

When you make the decision to get braces in Annapolis, you should be aware that your diet might change during treatment. Certain foods can be harmful for your orthodontic appliances and even set your treatment back. Watch this video for help in choosing foods when you have braces.

It’s important to be careful of what you eat while you are undergoing braces treatment because the wrong foods can halt your progress. Tough foods like nuts and popcorn can damage your brackets and wires, as can sticky foods like taffy candy and sugary gum. Apples, nacho chips, and bagels can be fine as long as you cut them into small pieces before you eat them. Certain foods will be acceptable in any capacity; these include yogurt, string cheese, pudding, and other soft foods that will not run the risk of damaging your braces and making your treatment take longer than it needs to take.

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