Which Foods Are Off the Menu with Braces?

If you have braces in Annapolis, your orthodontist has probably told you to avoid certain foods. Don’t worry, these foods aren’t off the menu forever. However, it’s important to steer clear from them during your orthodontic treatment so that the treatment can be as effective as possible.

In order to promote dental health, you should avoid sugary foods whether or not you have braces. Sugar encourages the growth of plaque- and cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. However, when you have braces, it’s especially important to stay away from foods with a high sugar content, as plaque can build up in hard-to-reach places and cause tooth decay.

While wearing braces, it’s also important to stay away from sticky and chewy foods. Many of these foods, including caramel, chewing gum, and gummy candies, are already on the no-go list because of their sugar content. You’ll also need to avoid very crunchy or hard foods like nuts, ice cubes, or hard candy. Finally, foods that tend to get stuck in your braces are best to avoid. Corn on the cob, soft bagels, ribs, and taffy are some of the most common culprits.


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