Invisalign: The Convenient Choice

invisalign marylandAlthough the field of orthodontics offers a few different procedures that can straighten your teeth, close gaps, and improve your smile, Invisalign might be the most convenient. Your dentist in Annapolis can help you take optimal care of your teeth and gums, eat whatever you want to eat, and even align your smile under the radar with Invisalign. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out exactly why Invisalign is the convenient choice.

Practicing Proper Dental Hygiene

One of the most convenient aspects of Invisalign is that you are allowed to remove your aligners whenever you want. This makes it easy to make sure your teeth stay in top shape while they are being moved into more favorable positions. After you take your aligners out, you can care for your teeth the way you normally would. Remember to brush your teeth twice and floss once each day. You should also use fluoride toothpaste when brushing, and consider finishing off your routine with a mouthwash rinse. These steps will help you prevent tooth decay throughout your orthodontic treatment, so you can end up with teeth that are both straight and healthy.

Eating Your Favorite Foods

The fact that you can take your Invisalign aligners out at any point in time is also helpful when it comes to your diet. You can eat any kind of foods you want as long as you brush your teeth afterwards. Since the main mechanisms of your orthodontic treatment will not be present in your mouth, there is no risk of damaging your equipment. If you were worried that orthodontics would keep you from eating pizza, pretzels, or harder fruits and vegetables, then you will likely enjoy this convenient aspect of Invisalign.

Undergoing Discreet Treatment

The whole world doesn’t need to know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, and with Invisalign it remains your secret. The plastic aligner trays are virtually invisible, so it is unlikely that anyone will notice you are wearing them. This is especially convenient if you work in the public sphere or on camera, and it can be an inherent confidence booster.

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