Highlighting the Benefits of Invisalign

Orthodontics near Annapolis can help you improve the look and feel of your smile. If you and your orthodontist have discussed using Invisalign to straighten your teeth, read on to find out how this option can benefit you and your smile. Highlighting the Benefits of Invisalign Annapolis

Straighter Teeth without the Embarrassment
Some people stay away from teeth-straightening options because they feel embarrassed about walking around with noticeable metal braces on their teeth. Invisalign aligners get their name because they offer teeth-straightening benefits without the embarrassment. The aligners are practically invisible, which means that anyone of any age can wear them without anyone else knowing it.

Less Inconvenience than Other Straightening Options
When you get braces, you have to wear them until your teeth-straightening process is complete. Invisalign aligners are removable so you can take them out to eat and to clean your teeth. Instead of altering your behavior to account for your fixed braces, Invisalign aligners cater to your lifestyle. Invisalign may be viewed as your ideal teeth-straightening option so that you can get the smile you want without the discomfort that may come with traditional metal braces.

Minimal Discomfort throughout the Treatment Phase
Invisalign aligners are quite comfortable to wear. Every few weeks, your orthodontist will create a new set of custom aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place. Although the new pair of aligners might be a little tight, most people experience almost no discomfort throughout the entire treatment process.

Straighter, Healthier Teeth
Crooked teeth can cause a lot of unforeseen problems for your oral health. They make it harder to keep your teeth and gums clean, which leaves you more susceptible to tooth decay and periodontal disease. They can also affect the way that you talk and chew. Invisalign provides a simple and effective way to straighten your teeth. Not only does this give you a more attractive smile, but it also helps you enjoy a healthier mouth.

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