Blog Posts in October, 2014

Halloween Fun with Braces

Halloween is a favorite holiday among children due to the festive games, imaginative costumes, and candy. Modern celebrations stem from a combination of traditions from Pagan and Christian traditions ...
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Not-So-Sweet Sweets: The five worst candies to eat during orthodontic treatment

Sticky, hard, and gooey: these candies fill your dopamine receptors with spasms of sugar-filled joy, but if you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment at Philbin & Reinheimer Orthodontics to ...
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Is Invisalign Teen® right for my child?

Straightening your teeth with traditional braces used to be something of a public affair. While traditional teeth-straightening methods yielded high-quality results, it was also essentially impossible ...
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October is National Orthodontic Health Month

What does the month of October mean to you? For people in the northern hemisphere, October is when the weather starts to get a little chilly: heavy jackets might come out of storage and the summer ...
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